Aloita (Mentawai; how are you?) my best friend?
Looking to get in touch? Great! I love to talk with you. I'm happy to help you get on road, plan your trip, ease your fears, capture a moment to remember, speak about photography and tourism, and answer any questions you might have.
I read all message in my inbox and for sure i will reply your message with my pleasure.

As you know, i make photographs and writes with love and passion.
You can hire me to capture your moment to remember into photograph. 
My travel report (photographs and writes) was published in several media. And i do commercial photography project for hotel, cafe or restaurant, event, portrait, food, and etc.
We accept another commercial use like book, calendar, or photo print.
Or you have any special request about photography, travel, endorsing or something?

feel free to contact me at
email :
Phone : +62-8121967-1822
Whatsapp : +62-8527137-3643
LINE : yunaidijoepoet
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