Mud Splashes of Pacu Jawi

Pacu in Minang Languange means racing and Jawi means cow. Pacu Jawi tradition base literally be interpreted as cow racing tradition. Almost similar with Karapan Sapi in Madura or Makepung in Bali. Arena Pacu Jawi is muddy rice field flooded altitude of 30 centimeters. Held in Batusangkar, a district that is more or less two hours by vehicle from the capital of West Sumatra, Padang.

Formerly, Pacu Jawi was held after the harvest season was over. In every celebration pacu jawi, the number of cows that could be included in the hundreds. Starting after noon, a pair of cows paired jockey seat perch that will spur cows. In order for cattle to run fast, jockey cows bite or hit the back of the cow's body. When jockeys spur his cows, when it also splashes of mud from the fields of spectators who watched. Cheering spectators into heating the atmosphere. A unique tradition of Indonesia.

photo and text by yunaidi joepoet

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  1. breathtaking pictures :0
    dramatic in B/W, always love your photos:D

    1. thank you Kin, i just making a photo based what i fell.
      really great get your comment abuot my photos. thank you :)


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