Tongkang Barge : a Festival to Kie Ong Ya King

I've been see a traditional chinese festival in Bagansiapiapi, Rokan Hilir, Riau. In the date 16 months 5 calendars imlek, in Bagansiapiapi each year was carried out by the traditional ceremony the descendants's community Tiong Hoa that was mentioned Go Gwe Cap Lak, or that was usual in knew in the Malay social circle with the ceremony Bakar Tongkang (Tongkang barge).

In 2011, Tongkang Barge will be hols on 17-18 June 2011.
Upacara Bakar Tongkang 2011 diadakan tanggal 17-18 Juni 2011.

This photos bellow is about Tongkang Barge.

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all photo by yunaidi joepoet/ ranselkosong 

3 komentar:

  1. Hei Bagansiapiapi is my hometown!! :))

    Btw, I think Bakar Tongkar and Go Cap Lak are not the same.. Go Cap Lak is the 15th day after Imlek.. Cap Lak means 15. and Bakar Tongkang is a memorial of something which I can't explain. #halah

    Bakar Tongkang is also the way they use to predict their fortune, whether their bussiness is good on the sea or the land..

    well,, that's all my cetek knowledge that I could share. salam dangdut. :))

    1. sorry, cap lak means 16 not 15

  2. Bakar Tongkang is an annual even for the last 5 years, and usually being celebrated on June..
    Me myself haven't watched it yet actually.. :(


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