Indonesian Fisherman in Laut Selatan (Indonesia Ocean)

A Fisherman sits on the rocks while fishing at the South Coast (Pantai Selatan), Gunung Kidul - Yogyakarta - Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that is so rich in natural resources and captivate of landscape. About 25% fish in the world live in Indonesia. There are about 310 species of fishes recorded from the rivers and lakes of Wallacea, 75 species of them are endemic. Although little is still known about the fishes of the Moluccas and the Lesser Sunda Islands, 6 species are recorded as endemic. On Sulawesi, there are 69 known species, of which 53 are endemic. The Malili lakes in South Sulawesi, with its complex of deep lakes, rapids and rivers, have at least 15 endemic telmatherinid fishes, two of them representing endemic genera, three endemic Oryzias, two endemic halfbeaks, and seven endemic gobies. (Photo Yunaidi Joepoet)

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